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Our company was founded on the principle of providing quality content to the Hispanic community in the Tampa Bay. Since 2000 we have been cultivating our reputation in this area and have become the most recognized and trusted publisher of Spanish language publications in the region. Our customers know that by partnering with us, their message is being sent out along with quality content that readers trust and depend on. We see our publications as marketing solutions for our clients who are looking to tap into the growth engine that is the American Hispanic market.

“Many companies believe that significant growth opportunities come from outside the U.S., but the Hispanic market offers unique growth prospects within our borders. ” – Nielsen


Our two publications, 7Dias Newspaper and LaGuia Magazine

Overview of our Publications

We have focused our editorial strategy on creating two products that cover the diverse needs of our readers and our clients

7Dias Newspaper:

  • National and Local News
  • Free twice a month broadsheet
  • Distribution: 24,000
  • Language: Spanish 
  • Highest recognition for a newspaper in the area
La Guia Magazine:

  • Free Lifestyle Magazine
  • Monthly
  • Distribution: 29,000
  • Language: Spanish
  • 4 Times Winner National “Best Spanish Language Publication”

There are over 500,000 Hispanics in the Tampa Bay Area. We can help you reach them.

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