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A Commitment to Customers and Readers

Our company started in 1999 with the vision of Colombian-American media entrepreneur Luis Eduardo Baron who understood the importance of the Hispanic community in the area and the future they would have for our country. His mission was to create a Spanish language publication that could provide much needed content for the readers in the community but also serve as a way for businesses to access Hispanic consumers. La Guia magazine was born and only a few years later, we followed that with the publication of our broadsheet newspaper, 7Dias. From the beginning the guiding principle of Luis Eduardo’s vision was focusing on quality and developing a strong connection with the community. We succeeded because we were delivering results to our clients while providing valuable information to our loyal readers. Today our publications are widely recognized and depended on by thousands of readers. We continue to be involved in community development, promoting the growth of our economy and the diversity of our region.


“My dream was to give our community not only a voice but a tool that could bring us together and strengthen our influence in this area” – Luis Eduardo Baron

The Tampa Bay Hispanic Market

Our Loyal Readers/Your Future Customers

The Insight of the 2010 Census

When we started our company, we believed in the growth potential of the Hispanic community in the area but we never expected the numbers the 2010 census would give us, and the glimpse it contained into what the future holds. We discovered there are more than 500,000 Hispanics in the Tampa Bay area . The Hispanic demographic is the fastest growing in the nation, a young, increasingly better educated and financially strong audience. Hispanic buying power is shaping our economy and driving growth when we most need it. Business owners everywhere are discovering the value of reaching Hispanic audiences, and the rewards to be gained from reaching are game changers.

What the Research Shows About Hispanic Consumers

The Secret of the Country’s Most Successful Marketers

We want to share with you some of the research findings that are shaping media buying decisions at the country’s biggest companies. For us, the most important detail to keep in mind is the misconceptions about the Hispanic market are keeping a lot of businesses from reaching their potential. Education about this powerful new demographic is crucial to understanding the opportunity but reaching these consumers does not need to be a complicated process.


Debunking the Myths of Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic consumers are lower income workers, they do not have a lot of money to spend on my goods and products

Hispanic consumers have a national buying power of $1.5 trillion and are made up of a wide range of households. Hispanics with combined earnings of over $50K are being considered one of the most influential groups since the Baby Boomers.

I don't have Spanish speaking employees and we are not prepared to handle Hispanic customers

Hispanics today are comfortable with English and many use it everyday. We handle complex transactions in English every day. American Hispanic consumers on the internet are using English over 70% of the time. While Spanish still is a cultural legacy and binds us together, English is a reality that allows us to succeed in this country

I don't need to market to Hispanics, my general marketing strategy will reach them and they will come to me if they want my services

Hispanics are a loyal and valuable consumer group to businesses, but they develop relationships differently than other demographics. Hispanics value being reached on a cultural level, and marketing to them in the mediums that they trust creates a higher likelihood of developing lasting results.

Hispanic demographic growth depends on immigration, if the immigration laws change, their numbers will drop

Research shows new births, not immigration, is the driving force that is making the Hispanic demographic the most influential. 1 in 4 births is of Hispanic origin. This birthrate is now higher than any other demographic.


The following studies provide some of the most important insight into this market available. We recommend marketers study and explore the opportunities. Our mission is to make reaching this market an easy process and that is why we spend our resources to make sure our products deliver results by being inline with the newest information about our readers.

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